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About Leo Lytel

Stand-Up Comedian Leo Lytel

Comedian Leo Lytel, 16.

You might think I’m the class clown at school, but I’m not. Middle school is like being in a shootout—you keep your head down at all costs. You have to blend in. Any attention is bad attention. The essential rule of middle school is this—nobody really likes you anyway, and they never did.  —Leo


At 16, Leo is already a seasoned performer. He began his stand-up comedy career at 13 and has performed in dozens of clubs throughout the Washington, DC area. He was featured in an article about trailblazing young comedians in the Washington City Paper.

This fall, he will be a sophomore at Woodrow Wilson High School in DC. He assiduously studies the greats of comedy and counts Louis C.K., Lewis Black, Eddie Izzard and George Carlin as among his favorites. He alternates between being a rising comedic genius by night and a sullen, brooding teenager, saddled with homework and housework by day.